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Floopi Womens Fuax Fur Lined Moccasin Slipper W/Memory Foam (S)
Floopi Womens Fuax Fur Lined Moccasin Slipper W/Memory Foam (S)
Floopi Womens Fuax Fur Lined Moccasin Slipper W/Memory Foam (S)
Floopi Womens Fuax Fur Lined Moccasin Slipper W/Memory Foam (S)
Floopi Womens Fuax Fur Lined Moccasin Slipper W/Memory Foam (S)

Floopi Womens Fuax Fur Lined Moccasin Slipper W/Memory Foam (S)

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Brand: Floopi

Color: Chestnut-306


  • UNDENIABLE COMFORT: If you want to be comfortable around the house, then these moccasin slippers are exactly what you're looking for. They are very lightweight and soft, so your feet will feel like they're walking on clouds. You can wear the fashionable moccasin slippers both indoors and outdoors and be comfortable and warm.
  • WARM UP YOUR FEET WITH EASE: Are you tired of your constantly cold feet? The fluffy faux fur lining will keep every inch of your feet warm, no matter the weather. Thanks to their design, these moccasin slippers will cover your feet from your toes to your heels. The heat will be trapped and you and your feet will be thankful to the moccasin slippers.
  • GREAT GIFT FOR ANY WOMAN: Are you looking for a gift for a friend or family member? Stop searching, because the moccasin slippers for women are the best gift idea! Which woman wouldn't appreciate a pair of slipper shoes with a fluffy faux fur collar? And if you're not looking for a gift, then get the suede slippers for yourself!
  • GREAT VARIETY OF COLORS: The cute moccasin slippers will look great with your pajamas or even with your clothes, so pick a color that will match them! The moccasin slippers for women come in burgundy, black, chestnut, navy, brown, pink, grey and hunter green. All colors are beautiful, so get your favorite one! So what's it gonna be?
  • 4 SIZES FOR YOUR FEET: If you want to be incredibly comfortable when you wear the slipper shoes, you need to pick the right size. There is size Small (5-6), Medium (7-8), Large (9-10) and X-Large (11-12). If you pick the wrong size, the suede moccasins will either be too loose and slip, or too tight and squeeze your toes. So choose carefully!


Keep Every Inch Of Your Feet Warm!

Every inch of your feet will be warm and cozy thanks to the Floopi faux fur moccasin slippers for women.

The closed slipper shoes will completely cover your feet from the toes to the heels and keep you warm during winter.

Our suede closed toe slippers will become your favorite winter footwear for both indoor and outdoor use.

Who Doesn't Like Moccasin Slippers?

They're warm, comfortable, lightweight, easy to wear and remove and they have this vintage style and feel to them.

So next time you have to buy a gift for a woman, get her a pair of these beautiful moccasin slippers with the faux fur lining.

Or treat yourself with a well-deserved gift and make your feet warm with the comfortable moccasin slippers for women.

So Many Beautiful Colors, You'll Want To Get Them All!

The suede moccasin slippers come in 8 amazing colors. You have a tough mission now, because you need to choose between:

  • Burgundy
  • Black
  • Chestnut
  • Navy
  • Brown
  • Pink
  • Grey
  • Hunter Green

If you can't decide which one to get, don't hold back! Get more than one pair of moccasin slippers in your favorite colors!

Make Sure You Have Picked The Right Size!

Since the moccasin slippers are closed shoes, you need to get the right size so that your feet will be comfortable. Choose between:

  • Small (5-6)
  • Medium (7-8)
  • Large (9-10)
  • X-Large (11-12)

Now place an order and get ready to feel the unbelievable comfort of the Floopi moccasin slippers for women.

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